Novelty Pink Glass Silver Plated Animal Decanters £365 – £425

Fabulous Novelty Pink Glass & Silver Plated Decanters. These are reproductions so they are not antique but are such fun things sitting on a drinks trolley or bar area filled with your favourite tipple! They are modelled on Victorian originals, in particular the smallest Parakeet and are all stamped with EPNS hallmarks.

Owl £425 Ref: T80 Measures: 29cm high by 14cm wide

Duck £425 Ref: T68 Measures: 26cm high by 14cm wide

Bear £385 Ref: T69 Measures: 22cm high by 10cm wide

Bulldog £365 Ref: T67 Measures: 21cm high by 12cm wide

Cockatoo SOLD

Parakeet SOLD

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