899 Wonderful Antique Sterling Silver ‘Grenade’ Cigar Lighter – SOLD

This is an incredibly stylish Antique Sterling Silver ‘Grenade’ Cigar Lighter. They were used in the Officer’s Mess & would be permanently lit for them to pass around lighting their cigars. The ‘flame’ unscrews to allow access to fill up with parafin & replace the wick… A lot of them do not have the little bun feet, they are weighted inside so they wobble when you put it down – they literally used to throw them across the room like a grenade! This one has the delightful feet so it stands sturdily & is in wonderful perfect condition, no dings or dents whatsoever. There is a very faint line across the centre of the body where the 2 halves were joined together but it is subtle & does not detract from its beauty in any way. A really great present for a cigar smoker or just to admire as a beautiful decorative object.

Measurements: 10cm high by 6cm wide

Price: £295

Ref no: 899


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