K71 Box 12 Large Vintage 1970’s Chenille Pipecleaner Birds £85

These are adorable! They are from the 1970’s & you used to buy them individually for a few pence. They weren’t specifically sold as Christmas decorations I don’t think, but they look adorable sitting on the branch of a Christmas Tree. Wonderful bright colours – their little feet are made of wire so you can bend them round a branch or anything for that matter. They are very light so can also be blutacked into position. I bought a job lot so have 5 of these boxes of 12 birds for sale – please note: the price is for ONE box only. They are in pristine unsused condition although the boxes do have wear from storage…

Measurements: Box 16.5cm square. Birds approx 9 or 10cm long depending on length of tail by 5cm high

Price: £85 PER BOX (5 boxes available)

Ref no: K71

To purchase an item please either call me on 07973 891 438 or email me at info@charliebordewich.com.

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