Trio of Royal Worcester Shell Cornucopia – SOLD

Stunning Trio of Royal Worcester Shell Cornucopia posy vases. Highly decorative objects & they look so beautiful together that I am selling them as a group rather than individually. The large nautilus is marked on the base & dates to around 1960, the one on the right has an early imprint mark which I can’t read (even through a loop!) & the one on the left has no marks at all but I think they both date to the late 1800’s. In wonderful condition – the only damage I can find is a teeny weeny chip on the rim of the base to the one on the left. You can’t see it for looking, I felt it, really not noticeable at all & definitlely doesn’t detract in any way, as I say I only found it because I felt rather than saw it. This left hand one also has a slightly wobbly base. Also worth mentioning is that the smaller two are ever so slightly creamier in colour than the large one but when they are together you really hardly notice, I only mention as I am always as honest as possible about the items I sell…

Measurements: LARGE: 17cm high 11cm wide, LEFT: 10.5cm high by 6.5cm wide, RIGHT: 9cm high by 9cm wide

Price: £145

Ref no: I89


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